Load Limiter – Crane Anti-Collision – Electronic Crane Scale 

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Do you really whant to bet your LIFE?

Picture an overloaded crane sitting on the floor amid a collapsed building because the crane's safety factors were greater than the building's. The crane and building probably were supplied by the lowest bidder.
It is Also Important to Know…

That only some hoists are equipped with overload protection. Since 1974 all chain hoists are required to have an overload protection system, but wire rope hoists in Europe are, but the America's are not yet .
SAF-LIFT is an Economical Solution

Economical load-checking devices can be added to almost all brands and types of hoists. Do you know exactly what 30 tons is when you see it? Without markings, who could tell? Even when the load was clearly marked, countless problems have occurred when operators failed to remove all tie-down chains or anchor bolts. These new overload devices are inexpensive insurance against easy-to-make and potentially deadly mistakes.

This is the single most dangerous misconception about overhead cranes. Although some parts of an overhead crane are designed with a built-in safety factor, this is not true of the whole crane system. Furthermore, the crane is attached to a building that does not have these same safety factors.
Misconception about Overloading Overhead Cranes

"I don't need to worry about overloading the crane; the manufacturer built a big safety factor into the design".

Welcome to SAF-LIFT! Overhead Crane Safety

Welcome to SAF-LIFT!  Our specialty is overhead crane safety.  We manufacture and distribute Overhead Crane Safety devices for many type cranes and hoists.

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